Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers With A Smart, Simple Tool For Excellent Customer Support

A comprehensive support tool for efficient handling of customer requests and tickets. Achieve superior customer support across all channels..

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Bad Customer Support Is A Thing Of The Past

Ticketbird is an innovative tool that will enable you to always meet customer expectations.

Customers are always looking for the fastest solutions. Now you can respond within minutes, convert more visitors into happy customers, and increase loyalty by consistently and reliably providing exceptional customer support.

Ticketbird integrates all your channels – Live Chat, Customer Support Calls, Tickets and Community – into a single platform and ensures every customer is assigned the right expert and provided with the correct answers.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • Jesper at SHOWIFY
    Jesper at SHOWIFY - We are saving weeks off integrations and setup. Before we found Ticketbird we were looking to find developers to make something usable
  • Joakim at VPARTS
    Joakim at VPARTS - We can focus on sales instead of development. It feels good to know that these guys are taking care of the customer support tools for us
    SICK IVP - Ticketbird helped us save 20% in every support line and improved almost every aspect of our business, both internally and externally, and the positive impact this had on our clients was huge

Sell More, Support Less

Eliminate redundant questions, repetitive tasks and cut the time spent on searches. Improve your customer support with every ticket and turn more of your website visitors into satisfied, loyal customers.

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Premium Features For Superior Customer Support

What features should a premium support tool offer? Here are 20 ways in which Ticketbird can improve your customer support.

  • Ticketing

    All customer tickets are stored in one place. Never forget to answer a customer’s question again.

  • Service Level Agreement

    Reply within 24 hours, or your customers will think the support is slow

  • Application Program Interface

    Use API to connect Ticketbird to other platforms and further expand your possibilities.

  • Events & Triggers

    Learn when to interact with visitors and automate your workflows based on their actions. Build strategy based on events and triggers..

  • Group Chat

    Add friends and colleagues to existing chat conversations to help solve the customer’s issue. Replace your internal chat tool.

  • Statistics

    Know exactly how many questions, and what type of questions your customers are asking. Learn which ones are consuming the most of your time.

  • 360 Problem-Solving

    Don’t just provide answers – find the root cause of the problem. Quickly add comments to tickets and find out WHY you keep getting a particular question.

  • Taskbar

    Have an overview of all ongoing conversations and quickly open them with keyboard shortcuts

  • Birdie

    A Ticketbird Bot that provides assistance by fetching information, articles and links from the knowledgebase.

  • Knowledge Base

    Store all your data in a single knowledgebase, and easily access it to find information and provide answers in minutes.

  • Co-Browsing

    Your colleagues, customers and you can all access the same web page simultaneously. One page, two cursors.

  • Group Inbox

    Merge all your social media and email accounts into a shared inbox. Convert posts and incoming emails into tickets.

  • Timer

    See how quickly you respond to customer tickets. Time is logged in the background, and each reply is added to the statistics.

  • Third Party Support

    Redirect tickets to sub-suppliers, partners, consultants, or whoever you wish! We’ll track the ticket’s status.

  • Assignments

    Assign a ticket to yourself, a colleague or another team. Ensure every answer is provided by an expert on the matter.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Intuitive & easy to learn. Built for speed and the best user experience.

  • Scale Up

    Add one or more countries for your support teams, or go global (150+ countries). Ticketbird is prepared for your journey.

  • Different Support Levels

    Use one level to start, add more as you grow and expand.

  • User Rights

    Give each Ticketbird user appropriate permissions and restrictions, based on your team and support level.

  • Live Search

    Relevant information is found while you type. The software performs live searches in the background.

  • More To Come

    We’re constantly upgrading Ticketbird, and there are more functions in the making. You can even request new functions from us.

Surprisingly Simple, Incredibly Powerful

Resolve tickets in minutes. Acquire more customers and improve user retention with an easy-to-use, powerful online customer support software.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Why Ticketbird?

Customers expect to instantly connect to support and get answers - fast. Here's why Ticketbird is your best choice for instant messaging and chat.


  • Eliminates redundant questions and saves time spent on searches with the help of an extensive knowledge base and the Birdie bot.
  • Quickly find the right expert to answer each question.
  • Discover WHY you got the question, and find the root of the problem.


  • Chat with your visitors in real-time to gain their trust and increase conversions.
  • Add answers to the most common questions to your content to boost the sales.
  • Keep customers happy and increase their loyalty by providing awesome support.


  • No tickets, questions or customers are ever lost or forgotten.
  • Secure protocols that guarantee customer integrity and privacy.
  • The control center gives a correct decision basis for each question.


  • Easily keep track of all ongoing conversations. Everything in one place.
  • Intuitive and easy to use. Absolutely no training required.
  • Doesn't require you to have an IT department.

Have All The Answers At Your Fingertips

With Ticketbird's localized knowledge base, you'll have all the information, articles, links and answers stored in one place, easily accessible with a single click of the mouse.

You’ll be able to collect specific knowledge from subject matter experts, or find answers based on common interests and store them in a shared database.

This removes redundant questions, repetitive tasks, dramatically shortens the time spent on searches, and significantly increases the response time. Ensure every customer receives the correct answer to their question in minutes.

Answer A Question Only Once

Once you've successfully resolved a customer ticket, the answer goes directly into the knowledge base and is automatically sent to customers that ask the same question in the future.

Assign tickets to the correct expert every time and grow your knowledge base. Improve your customer support with every customer request, and grow your business by attracting new customers and providing them with premium service and customer support.

Check-in That Gets You Checkouts

Ticketbird merges all contact forms, such as on-site contact forms, emails, forums, chat and phone, into a single, comprehensive contact point. We call this a "check-in".

You only have one shot at the first contact with your customer. "Check-in" allows your website visitors to make that contact, and enables you to convert more of your visitors into loyal customers.

Forget about keyword search. ALL words are matched to find the documents with the right information, related questions and even the right expert.

If a visitor can't find what they're looking for, they can easily start a conversation with you, ensuring that they get premium support.

Engage Your Visitors

Engaging in a conversation with your customers and providing them with answers and solutions is guaranteed to boost your conversions.

FAQs are not what your customers really want.

They want an answer to THEIR question, and they want it fast. That's exactly what Ticketbird allows you to do – provide visitors with the right answer, fast.

When you save your customers time, they will become more loyal, and way more likely to actually purchase your products or services.

Premium Support Software That Gets You More Customers, And Boosts Loyalty Of Your Existing Ones

But, don't just take our word for it. Test Ticketbird yourself!

We're offering you unrestricted access to the software and all its features, completely FREE of charge, for an ENTIRE MONTH.

Use everything our premium support tool offers, and see just how quickly your customer support improves. Access statistics and see exactly how many new customers you get with Ticketbird.

Don't worry, we won't charge you for any of this. Higher conversions and more sales are included in our free 30-day trial.

If, after a month, you're don't fall in love with Ticketbird and find it essential for your business – you have absolutely no obligation towards us.

If you stick with Ticketbird, we guarantee we will help you cut at least 20% of your repetitive questions, saving you time and money.

Surprisingly Simple, Incredibly Powerful

Resolve tickets in minutes. Acquire more customers and improve user retention with an easy-to-use, powerful online customer support software.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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