Convert more and keep customers loyal

Great customer support is a bridge to loyalty. A key to great support is the handling of tickets. We make the handling faster and easier.

Our functions are made to make teamwork simple

What functions should be part of a premium support tool? A complete customer support is not only functions, but should also be simple to use. When the cooperation works you can improve customer support. Here is a list of 20 functions that will make YOUR support awesome.


Never forget a customer, or a question again.


Reply at latest within 24 hrs (or your customers will think the support is slow).


The API can connect with any platform to further expand your possibilities.

Events & Triggers

Automate your workflows based on the visitor’s actions. Build recipes with the help of triggers.

Group Chat

Invite colleagues or friends to the same chat conversation. Replace your internal chat tool.


Learn how many questions and what type of questions, that consumes your time.

360° Insights

Why did we get this question? Quickly add a comment and find the root cause to solve the REAL problem once and for all.


All conversations have an overview. We use lanes to see who is posting to who.

A Bot

A Bot can find information in the background. It can post messages in social media and similar tasks.

Knowledge base

Knowledge-centered support. We store your knowledge in the center of the system and re-use it with smart features.


Co-Browsing. A function where two persons can access the same web page live. One page, two cursors.

Group Inbox

Add your group e-mail account to convert incoming emails into tickets.


The timer logs time in the background. Each reply will add up to the statistics.

Third Party

Send the ticket to another company. Your supplier, a consultant or your mom. We will track the status.


Assign the ticket to yourself, a colleague, an expert or another team.

Keyboard shortcuts

Easy to learn. Built for speed.

Scale up

Add one or more countries for your support teams, or go global (150 countries). Ticketbird is prepared for your journey.

Support levels

Use one level when you start. Add another level as you grow.

User Rights

Each user has permissions and restrictions. Based on your team and support level.

Live Search

Related information is found while you type. The search is performed live in the background.


More functions are available…

Why Ticketbird is the best choice for instant messaging and chat

We believe that all customers want the fastest way to support. That’s why we built our CHECK-IN. It’s the easiest way to get in contact – ever. It will get you more CHECKOUTS.


  • Reduces questions with the help of a knowledge base and a bot.
  • Finding the right person to answer each question.
  • Asking WHY and finding the root problem.


  • Chat in real time with your visitors to gain trust and increase conversion.
  • Easily add incoming questions to your content to increase product sales.
  • Awesome support drives loyalty.


  • No questions or customers are lost or forgotten.
  • We use secure protocols to guarantee customer integrity and privacy.
  • The control center gives a correct decision basis for each question.


  • All conversations in one place.
  • No training required.
  • No IT-department needed.

Affordable pricing for a premium support software

We guarantee a return on investment. You will cut at least 20% of your repetitive questions, or get your money back.We don’t charge for the bonuses: More sales and higher conversion are included in our fixed price.

Early Bird Program

  • Reply to emails
  • Reply to Facebook Messenger
  • Chat with visitors
  • Knowledgebase with FAQ
  • And more…
Grab your spot today!
A fully functional support system.

The basic functions are already tested by our 3,000 daily users globally.

New functions can be requested.

See our roadmap ahead. Request new functions and secure your chance to get more functionality free of charge.

The early bird deal is 19 500 SEK. We will even include a 12-month license for all your employees.

Click the button to APPLY to our program – it’s not binding. You will be able to try Ticketbird before you finally decide.

Subscription Plan

Our subscription plan launches in Q4 2017

  • Pay per month subscription
  • Price per user, discount if many users
  • Able to vote on the functions that our early birds have requested Our culture is about speed, quality, and efficiency. With Ticketbird we can grow our business with a focus on sales. Taking care of customers is simpler now.

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