» Proof of Concept program

Proof of Concept program

Ticketbird discounted program for ”Earlybirds”

POC = Proof of Concept

Ticketbird is an innovative startup with a vision that nobody should ever have to experience bad support again. We want to create satisfied customers.
– Do you?

What makes customers dissatisfied?
We believe it’s their efforts. When you start removing efforts and friction from your customers’ journey, you end up getting customers who think it’s easy to use your services. This journey starts from within your own organization. Ticketbird makes support easy for you, your team, and your company. In the end, your customers will find it easy to collaborate too.

What is the Program about?
It’s about getting more satisfied customers by making the support easy for end customers AND agents.
– Even if you are not looking to grow and scale your business yet. You can always prepare for the future.

When you get a support ticket from a customer:
Instead of looking at your E-mail, or switching back and forth (alt-tab) between your CRM and Business Logic system, you look inside Ticketbird and we sync all that data.
– It will be 3x quicker. That’s only one example and we have plenty more…

*** This program is only for serious companies who already has or wants to have a great customer support experience. I want you to have a successful business, and all successful companies have built a great customer support ***

Who is this for?
This program will help you understand your own business and we will do our best to give you the soft skills that create satisfied customers.

Even if your support quality is already high.
– Do you know how much time you spend on that high quality? And worse, how much time goes to waste?

Do you have a lack of time? What happens if someone gets sick, takes a vacation or leaves your company?
– It’s time to secure your company and make it stand against such threats.

Are you ready for change?
– The world is changing faster than ever before. Digitalization is here and if you don’t react now, you will suffer for years.

You will also learn

How a FAQ works, and how it will make customers shop more
a. If a customer has a question about a product, and if the question is answered properly in a FAQ, new visitors will be more willing to buy it.
b. A good FAQ will answer 20% of the questions.
c. A real question from a real user is also a good long-term keyword and should be used for your SEO work.
d. It means that you will get more traffic if you use FAQ and SEO together, which will bring more FAQ, and again more traffic.
e. A FAQ is the first step to a self-service portal, which is appreciated among customers.

How ticketing works, and why everyone should use it.
f. A good ticketing system help you remember all important todos, e-mails, and issues that need to be answered.
g. The tickets can be assigned to any person, who has their own list of tickets.
h. It’s used to make sure that no customer may be forgotten.

Who else joined the program?

VPARTS, who have a splendid business for e-commerce customers. They have optimized everything – down to every single detail. Today their turnover is 40 MSEK and they are only 3 employees! That’s an amazing story, and the main reason is because everything is well made. The problem? They can’t grow unless they hire more people. For each hire, they have to find the most effective way to re-use solutions between each other and make sure that every new person does not invent the wheel again. Their culture is about speed and efficiency.

What are they looking for?
– Optimized cooperation
– Customer support processes
– The best tool to make sure that a growing amount of customers is not causing a growing amount of problems.

Do you also want this kind of story for your business?

Ask yourself
What if you can remove 70% of your incoming questions? How would you spend your day?
How do you feel when you get a loyal customer? What would you sell?

We all want to avoid angry customers, a lot of missed calls, forgotten e-mails, and promises not kept. So we’ve tried other solutions, but they all end up with some paper notes on the desktop. You would need an IT guy or an expert to put it all together for you. Or you would not really get all the benefits you were promised… because you know you don’t want to upgrade to that enterprise level pricing…. and you will most probably end up with the simple version of the tool. And again the paper notes.

Let us focus on satisfied customers, loyal customers, and proven processes. Let us give you more time to focus on your business. Ticketbird will bring insights about your time – and what type of questions that consumes most of it. While you will do mores sales.

Questions we are solving
– How to use bots to create a more personal experience?
– Make the first point of contact as effortless as possible. No friction here!
– Save time and costs. Increase quality, handle more tickets in less time. $$$
– Take better decisions with our set of KPI’s, such as measuring of ”Customer Efforts”
– Use an Up-to-date FAQ database – WITHOUT creating a FAQ U 2 Experience! What?
– The WHY – Why the **** did we get this question!?!?

Who are we looking for?

Are you the right fit for us?
• Do you want to increase your product- and/or service quality?
• Are you about to effectively change your support?
• Do you want to cut costs?
• Do you think that ”invest in the best” means customers support?
• Are you prepared to work hard to make a big impact?

Our warranty

The guaranteed 20% reduction works even if you have no extra time to spare. And if it’s still not working you will get your money back.
We are confident about our solution and if we don’t bring at least 20% reduction of repeating questions – you can cancel and you have a money back guarantee. Any time.
But I know you won’t cancel this program. I can let you try before you buy and you can even use it for 30 days before you decide.

Need to talk to your manager?
Why don’t you surprise your boss! (You will probably be awarded as an employee of the year, for making a good decision. I know, because I have been).

What makes us different from other options out there?

– Our tool works out-of-the-box without mysterious setup or specialist knowledge.
– We don’t offer educations because you won’t need one
– We give you free educations because we don’t need to have them
– It’s not an ordinary ticketing management tool. It is a ticketing improvement tool.
– We do not like an ordinary FAQ because it will grow into a FAQu2 and that’s not good for anyone. We have created something better, or at least your customers will think that.
– We use bots to do the repetitive background tasks, which gives you time to do the final personalisation.

Sign up

Sign up for our ”EARLYBIRD” -program and you will be one of our most important reference customers. VIP treatment of course.

• You will master the skills of customer support, and we will support you.
• We will give you a solid, proven, support strategy and support process to follow.
• You will use a support system that can be synced to your CRM with our API.

You will save 20% of your time – or you will get your money back!

Why a program, and not open for all?
  • Lucky for you, we already have a few customers who have tried us out for a while. We also got stately funding from Almi and Länsstyrelsen, who supports our case. This means that we can have a fixed budget for this program but we also have a maximum amount of slots and a minimum amount of payment.
  • We want to give the best support we can. That’s not possible if the program is crowded.
  • We don’t have enough employees to support more companies without hiring, and we need to make our processes stand against time before we hire – same as for you!

  • Why not free?
    Free is not key (to satisfaction). If you give away something for free, like food, then your customers would probably think it’s old. We like to think that a lot of value is worth a decent price.

    What are the monthly savings?
    What’s the cost of a small problem? 15 minutes of work?
    The cost of a big problem is 15 minutes the first time, and then you need to spend one (1) hour with a colleague. Schedule a meeting, stop all other work, and finally… you have lost 4 hrs of your day. We can easily save you 20% of the time you spend on customer support.
    The long term cost is coming from repeated problems. If you get more than one question per month, then you are up for a treat, because we will save you more time than the costs of the license.

    Even if you get ten, or hundreds of questions every day. You can insure yourself and minimize the damage, and as a bonus, it will be easier to treat your customers extra well.
    In the EarlyBird program we will include a 12 month licence, with unlimited access for all your employees. Yes all of them!
    – This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer thanks to our POC program.

    By the way.

    How much do you spend on paid traffic and on-site-optimizations?
    A normal web page converts 1-2 visitors out of 100 visitors. How much do you convert?
    Let’s pretend you spend 20 sek per adword and get 1 visitor per click. Then 100 visitors cost you 2000 sek. You convert 2 of them into leads or customers. Cost is 1000 sek / lead.
    What if a live-chat and a more compelling contact form can make another 1-2 visitors to become leads? Would you like to miss the opportunity to cut costs down to 500 sek / lead?
    – Hey that’s 50% less costs instead of 5% more conversion.

    The price vs Market prices

    Our competitor.
    The average premium FAQ solution comes with a plugin or subscription and is between 1000-5000 sek / agent / month.
    (An enterprise ticketing system is 500 sek per user per month, and the average cost of a decent live chat is 300 sek per user per month. Per item).

    If you are a new customer you probably end up with a setup cost of minimum 5000 sek (excluding your own work). An IT consultant costs 1000 sek per hour. This means a ”normal price” for 5-10 users is from 45000 – 90000 sek per year. Minimum.

    Let’s talk costs!
    A normal cost of one (1) employee, per year, is 500 000 sek (excluding computers, licenses, food, treats, etc). We guarantee that you save 20% of your time, and that’s 1 out of 5. If you are 5+ persons you save 500 000 sek / year.

    Let’s talk savings!
    Today you can save 480 500 sek for every 5 employees because our tightened extra special super deal is 19 500 sek. Amazing. I know. It’s too cheap. That’s why we can only have a few companies in this deal. We have a budget to treat up to 20 companies extra nice this year.

    Let’s compare
    • 19 500 sek for all employees. That’s 6 sek / day if you are 8 users. How much is a coffee?
    • You can save 50% of your google adword costs. How much do you spend?
    • You save 480 000 sek if you have more than 5 people working. How many are you?

    Let’s be honest.
    The winners focus on customer service, the losers lower their prices.
    We can not predict the future but we know for a fact that we can save you 20% of your time, and if you ask ”why” on every question you can even remove 70%.

    In the long term you will keep your employees longer if they work with meaningful questions.
    We want you to keep your data and your knowledge secured – so your business will last – hopefully forever. And you can always get your money back if our promise is not kept.

    Our roadmap
    – Mobile APP
    – Co-browsing
    – SAML/AD. API for user login
    – More languages
    – Triggers and recipes
    – Phone integration
    – Live Chat plugin for WordPress

    Our Check-in
    We wanted to make it as easy and simple as possible to ask any question, without filling heavy forms or looking around for contact information. So we invented a ”contact us” plugin that we like to call a “check-in” that will make more “check-outs”. It’s the future of contact forms and live-chat popups.
    You can simply ask anything. Period. This question is converted to a ticket – and a live chat – simultaneously.
    We will show you how it works. But first, you need to avoid loosing time, stop forgetting things, and stop inventing knowledge that already exists! Don’t risk loosing employees or customers and stop bleeding money! It’s time to secure your business and focus on your customers.

    Join our Proof of Concept program before your competitors and you WILL create more satisfaction – and we WILL lead you the way forward.
    No more looking around checking and testing different options. We have already done that, and we stole all precious ideas – it’s all stolen with pride 🙂

    We are smart. You too. Make the right decision. Join today!
    When you join us I will welcome you on the other side! I am Magnus, and I am here to make your support better.
    Talk to you soon,

    PS. Did I really just give you this for only 19500 sek? I have to be crazy. That’s impossible to beat. Nobody will believe you! Your friends will think it’s crap and that it’s made in china and that’s rude…

    Our customer SICK IVP have been using the platform for 5+ years in 25 countries with 3000 users. We have a Case Study to download here.  


    For how long is the program open?
    You can try the software for 30 days free of charge, without obligations. When you have decided to continue you will be able to use the software for 12 months without extra cost.

    What is already included in the program?
    Live chat, offline messages, ticketing tool, forum, contact widget, group e-mail, SEO for FAQ, self-service-portal, a knowledge base, time tracking, statistics with KPI, a bot, templates for replying quickly. API for connection to other 3rd party software

    What is the cost after the program?
    This is something we will evaluate during the 12 months together with all customers in the program.

    Can I tell a friend to join?
    Your friend is our friend, and you can tell your friend about us. We are happy to hear more.

    Can I send this page to someone else?
    Hmm… it’s sensitive business materials and we have hand-selected you, and a few other persons we wish to cooperate with. But I guess everything online is possible to share 🙂