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About Ticketbird

Ticketbird is saving the word with simple customer support.

To keep a word.

For us. It’s to make a promise and then follow up.

Keep a promise
Our vision is that nobody will, ever again, experience bad customer support.


When you re-use information and combine it with smart features you can save a lot of time.

Let me give you an example: When you receive a question from a customer we can search for information in all your systems. We receive and display previous answers to similar questions, together with data about the customer from your CRM system, and information from your articles. We collect all this information and display it in the same window as the incoming question.


We bring the required tools to produce the words. Such as a chat client, a ticket management system, email inbox for support, a wiki, and more to come. See our roadmap ahead.
roadmap for new functions


Our business idea is to offer a smart, simple tool for excellent customer support. Our customers around the world find it easy to acquire and keep their customers loyal. When you use our tools we save all your words into a knowledge base. A word can be a question, a ticket, a chat log, an article or a how-to guide.
“We have saved 20% in each support level” /Anders at SICK


what does ticketbird support bring you

1. No more guessing. Which point of contact will be the fastest?

Phone? Email? Chat? Facebook? Too many choices and poor processes are finally solved. We merge all contact points into one “check-in”
– Please contact us!

2. Once you are connected we allow a Search to Start a Conversation.

Simply perform a search, and instantly receive related answers in real-time from the knowledge base.
– Could not find what you were looking for? You are already inside a conversation.

3. Designed to be used without a training.

It’s easy to use and you don’t need plugins to make it work. Most other tools are far more complex and you need to upgrade to enterprise levels together with 15 plugins to make it good enough.
– Welcome to our world
“We are saving weeks off integrations and setup. Before we found Ticketbird we were looking to find developers to make something usable” /Daniel at STOBAR


Ticketbird is a Swedish company with a strong focus on customer service. We have employees in Västerås, Sundsvall, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. If you want to book a real meeting, face to face, you are welcome to contact us.
We also offer online meetings via Ticketbird, Skype or any other online communication tool. have you met with Ticketbird yet


We can replace a lot of other tools and systems.
Search. Resolve. Re-use.
Chat with your customers. Save the conversations. Search for answers.
“We can focus on sales instead of support tool setup. It feels good to know that these guys are taking care of the customer support tools for us” /Joakim at VPARTS