We bring product knowledge to your teams.

Connecting experts, customers, sales, and engineers with products, manuals, and documentation - into one room.

You can solve complex questions and minimise downtime.

How it works

Ticketbird learns more over time

In the explainer video you will see how we connect questions with experts, and learn from their answers.

We save the word!

Ticketbird helps sales people to deliver answers on complex questions, to their prospects, leads and customers.

Ticketbird improves knowledge transfer and is based on an AI-powered knowledge base that makes it easy for companies to spread knowledge.

Instant Management

We gather documentation and information into a knowledge base and show it to you where you need it, when you need it.

Sales Management

Track your sales pipeline and find blockers. Reply to complex questions quicker and make the sales flow.

Support Management

You and your team can handle all types of support, both internal and external. Connect your support email to a shared inbox.

Knowledge Management

Gather your documentation into a structured and easy to find knowledge base. Map your users and find the experts.

Product Management

Get insights from the questions and find which products people are asking about. Where do you need to improve your documentation?

chat with colleagues
knowledge base

How it looks

A short recording from our demo portal

Here is a short video of the basic look and feel. There are more videos available in our support portal.

The videos are made in swedish or english.

Download Case Study

Download a case study and find out how we helped a global manufacturer structure and map their documents and users.

Download Case Study Here

Sales, engineers or technicians

If you need a technician to join your meetings, you are in the right place. Experts are easily added to solve questions for pre-sales, sales or support.

  • Knowledge base

    We store your knowledge in the center of the system and re-use it with smart features.

  • Conversations

    Find your colleagues or find an expert - we map your users and make sure they get your request.

  • Ticketing

    Never forget a task, or a question, again.

  • Live Search

    Related information is found while you type. The search is performed live in the background.

  • Group inbox

    Add your group e-mail account to convert incoming emails into tickets.

  • Statistics

    Learn how many questions and what type of questions, that consumes your time.

We built our suggestion engine to assist you with quick answers.

We gather all answers, from all your engineers.

We give this as an enhanced info to the sales reps, or support reps, who can reply quicker.

Brands using our services

Our culture is about speed, quality, and efficiency. With Ticketbird we can grow our business with a focus on sales.
- Jocke @ Vparts.se

Try Ticketbird 30 days for free.


  • Automated replies
  • Finding the right expert
  • Solving the root problem


  • Chat with your visitors
  • Awesome support drives loyalty
  • Gain trust and increase conversion


  • No questions are forgotten
  • Quality data for correct decision basis
  • Secure protocols, integrity and privacy.


  • No training required
  • No IT-department needed
  • All conversations in one place

Affordable pricing

We guarantee a return on investment. Talk to us about your goals. PS. We don’t charge for the bonuses: More sales and higher conversion rates are included in our fixed price.