We help companies deliver excellent customer service.

Meet your customers in all channels

Team collaboration has never been easier.

Ticketbird is an online customer support service (SaaS) that helps companies deliver excellent customer service, improve knowledge transfer and increase conversions.

Ticketbird is based on an AI-powered knowledge base that makes it easy for companies to save knowledge from all questions and answers, to be re-used by any human in the organization, or with a chatbot.

We save the word with simple customer support!

Convert more and keep your customers loyal

Great customer support is a bridge to loyalty.
A key to great support is the handling of tickets.

For Your Customers

We give your visitors a 24/7 availability to start a conversation at any time, anywhere on your site or your app.

Team Inbox

You and your team can handle all social accounts, and connect your support email to a shared inbox.

Knowledge Base

When the customer starts typing Ticketbird starts looking for answers. The customer AND the agent gets support.

Free Webinar

In this short webinar you will learn to:
- Use the customer feedback to improve your products and services and support your business' growth
- Automate a bigger part of your customer support, reduce redundant tickets and cut your costs
- Drive more sales and increase revenue by improving user retention

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Our functions make teamwork simple

What functions should be part of a premium support tool?
Here’s a list of functions that will make YOUR support awesome.

  • Knowledge base

    We store your knowledge in the center of the system and re-use it with smart features.

  • Conversations

    All conversations have an overview. We use lanes to see who is posting to who.

  • Ticketing

    Never forget a customer, or a question again.

  • Live Search

    Related information is found while you type. The search is performed live in the background.

  • Group inbox

    Add your group e-mail account to convert incoming emails into tickets.

  • Statistics

    Learn how many questions and what type of questions, that consumes your time.

We built our suggestion engine to assist your end customer with quick answers.

It's not about replacing the agents.

We give enhanced info to the agents, who can reply quicker.

Brands using our services

Our culture is about speed, quality, and efficiency. With Ticketbird we can grow our business with a focus on sales. Taking care of our customers is simpler now.
- Jocke @ Vparts.se

Try Ticketbird 30 days for free.


  • Automated replies
  • Finding the right expert
  • Solving the root problem


  • Chat with your visitors
  • Awesome support drives loyalty
  • Gain trust and increase conversion


  • No customers are forgotten
  • Quality data for correct decision basis
  • Secure protocols, integrity and privacy.


  • No training required
  • No IT-department needed
  • All conversations in one place

Affordable pricing for a premium customer support software

We guarantee a return on investment. You will cut at least 20% of your repetitive questions, or you will get your money back.
We don’t charge for the bonuses: More sales and higher conversion rates are included in our fixed price.