Get the most out of your support team.

By extending your free trial to a paid subscription you will gain access to our scripts, and you can add a chat widget to your website.
You will also receive continuous updates, so we can continue to provide you with an exceptional experience.


500 kr

Per Month
  • 1-5 users
  • Chat online


10000 kr

Per Month
  • 20-200 users
  • SLA
  • Custom features

Support & SLA

Ticketbird offers personal support, self-service, and forum for all types of questions. We are normally available on our chat. Click the chat widget on the bottom right corner of our webpage to start a conversation.

Ticketbird offers support in english and swedish. Our working hours are normally within the Swedish timezone and regular office hours. We can also offer support on other timezones and languages if you schedule a personal meeting with us. Go to to learn more.

For our enterprise customers we can offer special SLA and support agreements. All customers are welcome to contact us with their specific requirements. We are developing our software based on the needs of our customers.

Ticketbird is a multi-channel support system with a simple and intuitive interface.