We analyze real users to reduce incoming questions.

We help companies to reduce incoming questions, which saves costs and resources.

Reduce at least 20% of incoming

Ticketbird helps you to reduce your incoming tickets. We bring you the tools, analytics, and knowledge to work structured with your data and your customers. Book us for a free consultation and we will bring you closer towards a fully automated process.

We promise to reduce 20% of incoming questions after an intial period of 3 months.

How it works

1. We will gather your existing data, such as incoming tickets and searches on your page or app.
2. We will analyze the data using AI to extract meaningful content, topics, etc.
3. We will extract the top 10 questions asked.
4. You will decide if you will write the FAQ articlers to address the top 10 questions yourself, or hire us.
5. We will publish a FAQ portal where questions and answers can be found.