Convert More With The Help Of Customer Service


Remove uncertainties, build trust, and increase convertion rates

What makes you abandon a cart?


Within marketing and psychology there’s an expression called FUD: Fears, uncertainties and doubts.
You face it, unconsciously, when you interact with a new person, company or product.

Your mission: Build trust, remove doubts, and convert more.

Imagine yourself buying a new product for yourself. You are having the first interaction with a new company. It’s likely to claim that neither the Company, nor the product, would be trustworthy for you until they had proven themselves.
fud fears uncertainties and doubts

How do you build trust?

Here are a few tips on how companies can build trust by removing fears and doubts:

Be open and accessible

An online transaction brings a lot of questions to the minds of customers. A FAQ can show that your company is listening and replying to customer needs. To have someone taking care of customer support is inevitable, but to publicly show how it’s made is to be transparent, caring and honest.
ask more questions and please contact us

Can I have free delivery?

What if I don’t like the product? Do they secure my credit card info? When is my order shipped?
Everyone has those kind of questions in their minds. They are guaranteed to pop-up and your mission is to address them without the need of a FAQ.
free or not but it should be clear


Surprisingly few online retailers are willing to support anything that aren’t driving sales. Such as returns, exchanges, phone support and handling of data. Probably due to costs? Delivery- and return policys can be hard to find. The safety insurance has been minimized to an icon or a badge. And most important, you have to look for the phone number. Again, your mission is to respond to doubts without letting the customer search for signs of trust.

Prepare a decision basis for your customers.

A lot of people read the FAQ to find more than an answer. It might aswell be to evaluate your products, your service, and your company before a buying decision is made.

A good FAQ responds to the following doubts:

  • Is it easy to get an answer for my question?
  • Or do I have to read an endless stack of documents without getting in contact?
  • How trustworthy is the information?

Let’s find the information

Product specific FAQ.

Show your support if you have support. People love to find the products they are about to buy being commented by others. If you have published a decent piece of information on how to use product X together with product Y in a smart way…. Then it’s more likely that someone else also feels more secure about how it will work out.

How you make people Love Your Support

Make contact easy
Customers must be able to easily access information. I mean really simple. Read how to reduce efforts and gain loyalty.
It’s very easy to contact us. Not only because we are working with “contact-us” plugins, rather because of a study that reveals that among customers who get upset because of bad customer service, around 50% are because of difficulties getting in contact.

If you check some different web pages, you will find out that some are hiding their contact details, and some are clearly displaying them. I have read a few A/B test protocols on the topic, and all of them confirm that clear contact information is the winner.

Because of that, we made a so-called ”Check-in”. (We are calling it a check-in instead of a checkout, because it’s the first thing that’s happening instead of the final). This is how a visitor is supposed to contact us on the web page:

  • Click “Contact us”
  • Write your question
  • 2a) Call us
  • 2b) Chat
  • 2c) Get called up
  • 2d) Send your question

The reason why we want the visitor to get inside our system as quick as possible, simply by writing the question, is because we can offer quicker service. Well inside we can offer more ways of talking to us by moving the ticket between the chat and the telephone.

If we would have put all contact channels on the home page let the customer decide between 4-5 different ways of contact we would have offered too many options which would have led to uncertainties. Which one is the best and quickest alternative?

Imagine yourself writing in a chat and suddendly realize that you have to close the chat and call someone, to find out you have to repeat yourself. Or, when you are on the phone and need to be re-directed and must repeat yourself. Of course you would get upset! And that’s why nobody wants to risk selecting the wrong channel.

Make sure it’s easy to get in contact with you. From your FAQ, through the chat, from the web page, from the product page, from the top navigation, footer, anywhere. A massive amount of links could not hurt?

contact us

Contact us!

Customers should see a quick contact channel which is easy to find. A lot of companies have built a help section where they have gathered their FAQ together with all their contact channels to give answers on redundant questions.

It saves time to gather everything into one place.

Increase your chances of getting customers who spread the good word about your business and your brand. Customer service is a major element behind growing companies, and to make the customer support accessible and simple makes the customer experience better.

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